Evolution Prepares Dead or Alive: Saloon Live Game Release

Evolution Prepares Dead or Alive: Saloon Live Game Release

Round Head IconSeptember 15, 2022 – CasinoBloke

Leading live casino games supplier Evolution is bringing back the bounty and big multiplier wins in their upcoming Dead or Alive: Saloon release! The provider invites players to travel back to the Wild West in their newest release. Here half of the deck is multiplier and special cards that increase their win!

Dead or Alive: Saloon

Dead or Alive: Saloon Live card game is a unique and easy to master card-guessing game with 52 regular playing cards and 52 Bonus cards. The Bonus cards come with multipliers, as well as other exciting features. Can you predict which playing card will be drawn first? Accumulate multipliers while you guess since they will take you to some big wins.

If you have the lucky hand, you might be able to catch a Double card to multiply the current win on offer, or you might just receive a Bounty card, transferring you into the immersive Bounty Hunt event. Hunt down those outlaws and maximise your multipliers!

Dead or Alive: Saloon captures the essence of an iconic Western era. The game will keep you at the edge of your seat with constant excitement and nerve-tickling action. The card game will surely keep your gaming experience thrilling especially while the valuable Bonus cards are being drawn and multipliers are accumulating.

Just like you, we look forward to Dead or Alive: Saloon experience. Until the game hits your favourite online casino, make sure to check out other Evolution popular releases such as Gold Bar Roulette, Crazy Coin Flip Live, and Monopoly Big Baller Live.

About Evolution

Evolution is currently working with more top-tier operators than any other provider on the market. They are leading the way in B2B online casino services delivered to their customers’ players via multiple channels and devices. Through their innovative software, well-established enterprise-class infrastructure and people, they add real value to their customers’ gaming business. Evolution stands as a provider with a mission to make operators successful while providing an excellent user experience for users.

Author: Wendy Brewer