Download Brother Printer Driver 

A driver is a software designed to help your Printer or any machine to communicate with your Computer and Mobile Phones. Brother Printer drivers allow your Brother Printer to communicate with your Device. Printer Drivers allow the Printer to understand data send from a Device. Here is the easy step of Download Brother Printer Driver –

Easy Step to Install to Brother Printer

download brother printer driver 

1-For Installing Brother Printer Driver need to go Brother Website.

2-Where there is an option for the model number you need to type there your Brother Printer Model number.

3-After you have to select your Product and Click on Download.

4-Just below the Download you have to find the option to select your operating system so you need to select from there your operating system.

5-After downloading is completed you have to run the program and complete the installation.

Easy Step to Update Brother Printer Driver via Device Manager

download brother printer driver 

1-For updating Brother Printer from Device manager you need to press windows keys with the letter R from your Windows computer.

2-After that you get the RUN box. You need to type in the box devmgmt.mscand hit on the ENTER key to open Device Manager.

3-Now in Device Manager you need to find the Printer and select there your Printer name Brother Printer then right-click on the Brother Printer to choose Update Driver Software.

4-Now there select automatically updated driver software.

5-Now your computer will detect the update automatically.

Easy Step to download Brother Printer Driver for Windows 10

download brother printer driver 

For installing the Brother Printer Drivers in Windows 10 operating system you need to check the compatibility of Software.

1-Firstly Download Printer Driver and Scanner Driver software from the official website.

2-After downloading is completed you need to open your download folder and double click on downloaded file then you will get RUN prompt so need to click on RUN.

3-Now a “Zip Self Decompression” windows will appear where you may browse different locations where you would like to save the file. And then click on the Decompression option.

4-Now you need to turn Off the Printer and disconnect all cable from the Printer.

5-Now Double click on the saved file that was created.

6-Now connect your Printer to the Windows Computer with the USB cable. Then Driver will install automatically.

How to Connect Brother Printer to the Wi-Fi

download brother printer driver 

For connecting your Brother Printer to the Wi-Fi you need to know two things Network Name and Network Password. There is an easy step that needs to follow to connect your printer to the network

1-Turn ON the Printer like connect the printer power cord to the machine and then connect to the electric socket.

2-Now turn On the Computer as well.

3-Now select the Settings option in the Printer

4-Now by using the UP’S and Down’s arrows keys select Network option then press OK.

5-Now select the option ‘Setup Wizard’ and then press on OK.

6-Now you need to select your Home Network. But make sure you need to connect your Printer and Computer both devices with the same network.

7-Now it asked you to your network Password so you need to type network Password.

8-Once connection is done then you will get status connected.

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