Process for HP 2600 Printer Setup

The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational company, mainly deals with hardware. Hp 2600 printer is an All-in-one model which means it can multitask. These printers are able to perform more than one task at a time. A complete step by step guide for hp 2600 printer setup –

  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Printing

This printer is mainly used for official tasks, they also have the ability to bind documents together or create booklets. An HP-brand printer is a nice choice, this brand outperforms other brands when it comes to color copies, they are also capable of producing high-quality scans.

HP 2600 Printer Setup Involves 4 Steps:

Step 1: Unboxing – 

Take out your printer from the box with other parts such as cable, installation guide, box cartridge.

Step 2:  Connection of Power Cord –

  • Unpack the power cable.
  • Connect one end to the printer’s rear end.
  • Connect with power to the other side of the cable.
  • The printer is connected to the source and ready to connect.
  • At this time USB shouldn’t be connected but during driver installation.
  • Turn on your system by clicking on the power button.
hp printer 2600 installation

Step 3: HP 2600 Printer Software Installation –

  • First, go to and install the software from the official site of HP.
  • Now, look for the latest device and printer compatible printer software.
  • Install the software, after installing open it.
  • Enter the information now such as type of connection, type of printer, USB when prompted, at last click on Finish.

Step 4: HP 2600 Ink Cartridge Installation –

  • First, open the door to the access area of the cartridge.
  • This slot exposes the cartridge in the middle of the printer.
  • Remove the band from the ink cartridge and hang it in the slot, wait until it is set.
  • Close the lid, and access the cartridge door.
  • Try printing a page to check whether it is installed right or not?

Major Benefits of HP 2600 Printer:

  • Hp printers are a great choice for printing graphics-heavy pdf. However, users are advised to print their photos with a slightly warmer tone.

  • Hp is known for making compact printers. Portable printers are good, easy to carry. Download

 Conclusion: This was step by step guide for HP 2600 printer setup if you still facing issues feel free to reach out to us by messaging or calling us on our toll-free number.

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