HP printer offline problem

how to fix HP printer offline problem

Printers have become an indispensable part of a computer. From printing documents, books to pictures, it is hard to imagine completing work without using a printer. There are a variety of brands and types of printers but the brand HP needs no introduction. It is known for manufacturing numerous products that include personal computers, laptops, tablets, printers, etc.  The printers provided by HP have a wide range such as the inkjet printer, dot matrix printer, and the multipurpose printer. Despite providing the best support and services, the HP printers can still be prone to technical issues. The issue of HP printer offline mode can create a problem to the user.   The search engine is filled with queries with regard to questions such as “why is my HP printer offline?”

Find out the solution for HP printer offline problem

One of the most common issues faced by people who use a printer is the HP printer offline problem. Whenever you encounter such an error, the first question you ask around is about how to fix the hp printer offline issue. The printer status remains offline due to various reasons but one of the most common culprits that lead to the problem of “Why is my hp printer offline” is due to the bad network connection. You must stop yourself from connecting the printer and the computer on a host network.

Hp printer offline fix

In order to have the HP printer offline fix, the wireless connection should be switched to the Ethernet or a USB. This is a crucial step as the wireless connection sometimes disconnects the printer while it is still running. If you can take these precautious steps, you may be able to solve the headache of how to fix hp printers offline. But if the printer still continues to show the offline status, search for the nearest hp printer offline support. The professionals of hp printer offline support will guide you through the process of fixing the hp printer offline problem without wasting time.

How do I fix my HP printer that is offline?

HP printer offline problem

To set the printer online, go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘printers’ option. Right click on the printer icon which will show you to the ‘Use Printer Online’ button. Click on it and double click again on the printer icon. Go to the ‘Printer’ menu and tap on the ‘Cancel all documents’ option. The final step is to reboot both the computer and the printer. These troubleshooting steps will hopefully guide you in your resolve to find a solution on “how do I fix my hp printer that is offline”.

Alternate solution on how to fix an offline printer hp

The HP printer is conditioned to go online after completing all the steps but if it remains offline, try to re-install the driver as instructed below.

The first step is to go to ‘Settings’ and choose your printer on the ‘Printers’ option. Search for the driver button using the ‘General or Details’ option. After a while, re-install the updated version of the printer. After you have completed the above procedure, go to the ‘Settings’ option and choose the printer to remove it. Now, install it again by using the ‘Add printer wizard’ option. If the given instructions does not provide any solution, you can contact the customer care number, which is 1-844-916-0430.

You can also opt to update your HP printer firmware. When you update your HP printer firmware, it is able to fix quite a number of problems, thus, making the printing process smoother without any technical glitches. The HP printer offers firmware updates occasionally. Make sure to use the updated version of the firmware. To update the HP printer firmware, you can visit the HP printer official website or do it directly from your printer.

There are still numerous ways to tackle the question, “How to fix an offline printer hp?”

Considered as the easiest method to resolve this issue, jot down the steps and use it on your operating system. The initial step is to restart the printer as rebooting it will enable the device to reach its real form. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the network connection associating between the printer and the computer is well connected. Now go to ‘administrator rights’ and select the ‘devices and printer’ option which is on the start button.  Click on the ‘Printer’ option and tap on ‘See what’s printing’. This option will open the spooler. After it is done, open the printer and make sure to uncheck the option of ‘Use printer offline’.  Check for the online or offline status of your printer.

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