How to Install hp Printer Wireless Wizard

For installing the HP printer make sure printer and PC both devices should be ON and sharing the same Wi-Fi connection. A Complete step by step guide of Install Hp Printer Wireless 

Guideline to Connect the Printer with Wi-Fi

hp printer 2600

Before connecting printer wirelessly, you need to connect your printer with the same home network and the device should ON

    1. Turn ON the printer and make sure paper is loaded on the main tray and ink cartridges installed properly
    2. Now place the printer nearby the Wi-Fi
    3. Now connect the printer to the local network

Now if there are 2 types of printer

If Printers with a Touchscreen Control Panel

  1. Turn printer select Settings option or Restore network Setting
  2.  Choose Wireless Setup Wizard  from the wireless setting option or select the Network Setup menu and select your Network name and put the password
  3. If Printers without a touchscreen Control Panel
  4. Turn ON the printer and press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 5 seconds or until the start light blinking
  5. Once Wi-Fi in ON the press and hold the WPS button on the router until the connection process is eatable once printer light is ON then printer stop flashing when the connection complete

Guidelines to connect printer to the PC

  1. Turn ON Computer and open Control Panel by using stat menu
  2. In control panel select “Devices and Printers” 
  3. Click on add “Printer”
  4. Then select add a wireless network
  5. Now check Printer is connected to same Wi-Fi
  6. For connecting your printer to Wi-Fi you need to select your wireless network and choose there your Wi-Fi name and connect printer with the same Wi-Fi
  7. Download the driver to your PC and open the software follow the guidelines to complete the setup for wireless connection

How to Reinstall HP Printer

  1. In PC for reinstalling printer just open Control Panel and select Devices and Printers, then click add Printers and choose home Network, connect wireless Printer.
  2. On the printer screen choose your printer name then click on positive option and follow all the instruction.

        This is the Complete step by step guide of Install Hp Printer Wireless For Better help please contact our Certified Technician 24/7.

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